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Hobi membaca?

Membaca sesuatu yang kau inginkan

Membaca mungkin merupakan salah satu hobi yang paling keren yang pernah ada di muka bumi ini. Banyak orang keren, berprestasi dan terkenal memiliki hobi tersebut, bahkan horang kaya maksimal macam Bill Gates katanya mampu membaca 50 buku dalam satu tahun. wow keren kan hobi baca itu.

Apakah saya salah satu orang yang memiliki hobi membaca?

dengan bangga dan tanpa perlu banyak berpikir panjang saya nyatakan “enggak, saya bukan lah orang yang memiliki hobi itu hehehe”.

Ada 3 alasan kenapa saya tidak begitu hobi membaca.

Alasan Pertama, Orang yang hobinya membaca mungkin mampu membaca habis setiap bukunya secara konsisten hanya dalam waktu beberapa jam atau kalaupun tebal bias tiga hari saja. Sedangkan saya kadang sehari kadang seminggu bahkan ada buku yang tahun 2015 saya baca sampai sekarang belum juga selesai saya baca.

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Main medsos yang “ASIK” aja please !

hedeh sosmed sekarang

hedeh sosmed sekarang

Sosial media sekarang bukan tempat yang ASIK lagi. Ketidak asikan sosial media sekarang mungkin bagi kalian hal merupakan hal yang “biasa” saja. “Biasa” saja jika kita melihat begitu banyak konten sadis, begitu banyak kata hujatan, umpatan, kata kotor, menyalahkan ini menyalahkan itu. Jadi berlakulah “biasa” jangan berlebihan menanggapinya.

Kata “Biasa” sengaja saya beri tanda kutip. Karena hal ini (“biasa”) lah yang menurut saya berbahaya. jika kita anggap semua itu biasa maka kita akan “Terbiasa” menerima asupan informasi dan sugesti sugesti yang tidak baik bagi kesehatan otak dan hati kita loh. Jika kita terbiasa melihat hal hal jelek tersebut, maka timbul lah kebiasaan yang jelek. Kemudian kebiasaan jelek tersebut akan berulang terus menjadi gambaran pribadi kita. Pertanyaannya apakah kita mau? Continue reading

Not new, It just an Update

Some thing about 2016 & 2017

Hello, here we are,.. in the end of 2016 and soon we will meet with greater year for us namely 2017. No doubt to think it will be greater year than previous years. Have you make some resolution for 2017? Make a concept about “new me” in 2017 ? Or just prepare for give some update version of you the choice in you hand fellas. For me, I think just update is enough. It isn’t because I does not have a sense of enthusiasm to greet 2017. But, I think all of valuable lessons that I got in 2016 are too valuable to throw away.

2016 is a nice year for me. There are so many lessons  that I get from soo many events that happened in this year. In early 2016 I returned to my hometown “Lampung” after several years stayed in Bogor and Yogyakarta to study yeaaaay. Then… Booom

  • April, my wallet was stolen at Merak Bus Terminal.fortunately my wallet is returned by the thief after discussion and debate that was filled with intrigue and sweat profusely.😬
  • May, I slipped an get a little injured on my head. Three stitches in the head are enough to increase my cool level 😅. Oh ya, I had my first trip to Medan city on this month… It’s amazing trip hahaha and fyi I returned to Lampung from Medan by Bus.
  • June, I get chicken pox virus for the first time 🤤. I look like a monster roaaaaarrrr..
  • July, had South Sumatra trip with boat on the river that people say a lot of crocodiles and then I had Happy Bandung trip with my friends.. hohoho
  • August, returned to Bogor 
  • September, October and November had trip surveyed hundred GCP around the Province of Banten from the North to the South and West to the East 😱 it’s amazing experiences for me to get lot of extreme off road.  I think during the survey we had leaked  dozen of tires.
  • December, My Brother’s graduation day and I with my family got trip to Bandung,.. Congratulations my Broo..

Okay those are my experiences that I got in 2016. I think I got some lessons from those events. Of course I must more carefully when I have some trip to another area that I haven’t known well enough. Eat and drink more healthy. 

So what is my update in 2017??

  1. Improve my in the pattern and the quality of my eat, drink and sleep behavior.
  2. Read more book then 2016. I just read 20 book this year, it decrease from 2015 that read 28 books. So in 2017 I must read 35 books.
  3. Improve my English skill both in writing and speaking so I can get 600 for ITP TOEFL and have a courage to try IELTS test.
  4. Trying to plant some chilly and papayas in my field if it success I wanna try to plant it in wider field
  5. It’s secret 
  6. It’s secret too

    It’s enough for this post, Oh ya I think I must write at least 1 post a month. See ya thanks for your time.. Happy New Year

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